Prestige™ Series Gas Furnace Model R96V

The Rheem R96V Prestige™ Series Gas Furnace is a one of its kind product that is Energy Star qualified and operates with a high degree of efficiency. This system guarantees you and your family low utility bills and maximum comfort all year long. It is built on the new 360°+1 engineering technology which means each detail of the product is thoroughly evaluated from every angle.

The 360°+1 Technology

This technology aims at bringing efficiency and comfort at all levels. It incorporates the Rheem-Exclusive PlusOne ignition system, Rheem-Exclusive PlusOne water management system and Industry-First PlusOne diagnostics. This technology also makes this product easier to repair and maintain because its design enables access to all the vital areas that need regular attention.

Quiet and Efficient Comfort

The Rheem R96V Prestige™ Series Gas Furnace comes with the new patented heat exchanger design that enhances the airflow and reduces the operating sound by more than 20%. In addition to this, the variable speed ECM motor also makes the system more efficient and quiet in its operation. While using less power, this gas furnace model provides better humidity control.

Engineered for High Performance

Looking at the specifications of this gas furnace, you will discover that it is built to operate at the highest efficiency level for any product of its caliber. It has 90% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) which means maximum efficiency and enhanced chances of qualifying for local and utility rebates. Its two-stage operation provides superior comfort by automatically switching to high gear without the need for manual adjustment of the thermostat.

EcoNet Innovative Technology

EcoNet is an exclusive technology found only in Rheem products including this gas furnace. This technology allows for comprehensive monitoring of the system from a single access point. This means products fitted with this technology can work together thereby ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.


When it comes to home comfort, reliability of HVAC systems cannot be exchanged for anything else. The Rheem R96V Prestige™ Series Gas Furnace has the Rheem-Exclusive PlusOne ignition system which is one of the most reliable systems available today. It can only be found on Rheem products. The system also includes the PlusOne Water Management System which is the first in the industry. This technology shuts off the furnace automatically whenever the drain is blocked. This limits the chances of water spilling in your home and causing damage.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

The PlusOne Diagnostics which is built into this system provides a 7-segment LED display that aids contractors in locating the problem when responding to service calls. This makes installation and maintenance much simpler and less costly.


Just as it is with every Rheem product, there are warranties for the Rheem R96V Prestige™ Series Gas Furnace. This includes a 10-year conditional parts warranty and another 10-year conditional unit replacement warranty. For you to enjoy these two, you need to register your unit.

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