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GPG16M Packaged Gas-Electric Units

Packaged units offer both cooling and heating performance from the same product. Goodman one of the top manufacturers of HVAC systems designed GPG16M Packaged Gas/Electric Units specifically to meet the needs of homeowners and businessmen who require heating and cooling within their premises. During summer, packaged gas/electric units cool you and your family and during winter they warm your indoor space. Irrespective of your individual needs, you will find these units affordable and quality.

All-Aluminum Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is constructed using aluminum tubing, panels and fins thereby giving you a single solution for outstanding and time-tested transfer of heat. If you are looking for a unit that has an evaporator coil which is durable and has enhanced performance, then the GPG16M Packaged Gas/Electric Unit is second to none. The grooved aluminum tubing offers an enhanced surface area for heat to be transmitted through. As a unit, the GPG16M Packaged Gas/Electric Unit is tested and approved during construction.

16 SEER & 81% AFUE Performance

The efficiency of any HVAC equipment particular air conditioners is measured by SEER which means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. With a rating of 16 SEER and 81% AFUE, this unit is one of the high-end products. What this means is that when you install the system, you will enjoy lower utility bills, incentives and rebates from the government.

Environmental Impact

The high efficiency with which the unit operates makes it use less energy which means fewer greenhouse gas emissions. For a world that is heading towards the elimination of greenhouse gases, a system such as GPG16M Packaged Gas/Electric Units can go a long way in reducing the carbon footprint.

R-410A Chlorine-Free Refrigerant

The R410A refrigerant is mostly found in new HVAC models amongst them the GPG16M Packaged Gas/Electric Units. The advantage with this refrigerant is that it is reliable and much more efficient compared to R22. Research shows that R410A has a capacity to absorb and release more heat as compared to the R22. This prevents the risk of compressor burnout through overheating.

Other Product Features

  • High-efficiency compressor
  • Multi-speed ECM blower motor
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger
  • Self-diagnostic safety circuits and blower operation
  • Convertible airflow: downflow or horizontal
  • Direct-spark ignition system
  • Copper tube/aluminum fin coils
  • A heavy-gauge galvanized-steel cabinet


The GPG16M Packaged Gas/Electric Units come with a comprehensive 10-year warranty on parts. This is excellent because your unit will be covered and should you experience any anomalies with the unit, you can always have it checked. On top of the 10-year warranty on parts, there is a 20-year limited warranty on the system.