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Classic Series- Package Gas-Electric 3-5 Ton

Rheem is known for its relationship, dedication and innovation. It listens to its customers, gives them the first priority and initiates dialogue so as to map their needs and design products that satisfies them. In both HVAC and water heating industries, Rheem has had industry firsts including the Classic Series: Package Gas/Electric (3-5 Ton) built on the 360°+1 platform.

What is 360°+1?

This is a novel technology designed by Rheem to enhance the performance, installability and serviceability of its systems.

360° Performance

Rheem offers HVAC units of various efficiencies. The 360° performance component on the packaged gas/electric unit includes a micro-channel refrigerant system which is responsible for optimal heat transfer. This system uses up to 58% less refrigerant compared to other models. It also has a compact design which optimizes the space it occupies. So as to comply with the efficiency standards, this system was designed with over 81% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Customers using this system have very little to worry about because it gives them much convenience through the remote flame sensing direct spark ignition system.

360° Installability

This unit is easy to handle and has a micro-channel refrigerant system, condenser and evaporator which are 53% lighter than the conventional technology. As it is with HVAC systems, the lighter it is, the easier the installation process. Usually, this packaged system is usually shipped direct from the factory for a horizontal airflow configuration. However, in the event you want to install it at the roof top, you can easily convert it for downflow configuration.

360° Serviceability

The micro-channel refrigerant system contains an aluminum, condenser and evaporator which enhance the durability of the product thereby giving homeowners fewer troubles. The manner in which the micro-channel refrigerant is designed with single row instead of double row makes it easier to clean. The system’s compressor unit is reliably designed thereby reducing the frequency of service calls.

Other features

Apart from the 360°+1 Platform features, there are other equally important features that are worthy looking at in a bid to understand the Classic Series: Package Gas/Electric.

2-Stage Scroll Compressors

These are among the top compressors in the industry. They are known for their high efficiency and low noise operation. Scroll compressors allow the liquid refrigerant to enter between the two scrolls causing the mating scroll parts to move in a sideways direction also known as radial movement. This reduces high stress situations and allows just a little contact force between eh mating scroll surfaces.

The packaged unit also has louvered condenser compartment designed for protecting the coil against external elements. The system runs on the R410A refrigerant which is ozone friendly and the refrigerant of the future.


The Classic Series: Package Gas/Electric carries a 10-year conditional warranty on parts and 10 years warranty for the compressor.