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Why You Need a Functional Smoke Detector

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smoke-detectorIn order to make it through winter, families in the United States and other parts of the world use boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, or wood stove to create warmth in their homes. This has been the practice for as long as winter has been around. Of course, the ways in which the families are warming themselves today isn’t the same as they used before. Thanks to technology, there are better ways of keeping warm. The benefits of indoor heating notwithstanding, there are dangers that are associated with this as well. This is particularly the case where the heater is not well maintained or malfunctions.

It is important to keep your family safe and one of the critical HVAC components which is frequently overlooked or ignored is the smoke detector.

Dangers Associated with Your HVAC System

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, home fires during winter cause about 900 deaths and over $2 billion in property damages yearly. Fire spreads quickly and exponentially and smoke can even be deadlier because it prevents you from breathing normally as you escape. This is why smoke detectors are crucial in giving the early warning the moment smoke starts filling in your home.

It is recommended that you have at least one smoke detector for each floor for maximum safety. There should also be one outside and inside each bedroom so that family members can be quickly alerted the moment an emergency occurs. You also need to practice evacuation procedures with your family so that everyone is ready for the exit when the alarm goes off.

Saving Your Life with Early Detection

In addition to the smoke detector, you should also install and maintain carbon monoxide detectors. These two can save your life when your HVAC system starts leaking toxic gases. These are as dangerous as a fire. Look for customized home protection packages with smart thermostats that can help you tell where the smoke is coming from or the presence of toxic gases in your home.

The best strategy to follow when handling house fires is to prevent them from occurring. Make sure your heating systems including your furnace are thoroughly serviced and your chimney cleaned so that it doesn’t pose a risk of fires. It is also critical that flammable materials such as curtains are kept away from heat sources and space heaters are positioned carefully if they are supplementing your main heat source.

It is not enough to just have your smoke detectors installed; rather they should also be tested on a monthly basis to ensure they are functional. HVAC experts can help you set up smoke detectors if you don’t have any and can also help you inspect the existing installations.



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