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Are Swimming Pool Heaters a Worthwhile Investment?

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This is a question many homeowners in Miami ask themselves. This is because many believe a pool in their backyard is all they need to enjoy quality time with their families over the weekends. However, without a pool heater in place, you might not be able to enjoy the services of your pool at night and colder months of the year. This blog helps you to make a decision whether you should install a pool heater now or should wait.

Should I Install a Pool Heater?

To be able to make an informed and sound decision about installing a pool heating system, you should find answer to several questions.

Do I Want to Swim During Cold Seasons?

In Miami, the temperatures get very low during winter and it’s almost impossible to swim if your pool doesn’t have a pool heater. So, if you would like to make good use of your pool even during this chillier season of the year, a pool heater is a must-have.

Without a Pool Heating System, Can I Still Use My Pool?

The answer is yes however you are limited to the conditions of the outside weather. It might not make much sense spending so much installing a pool, yet you don’t fully enjoy its benefits. Without a pool heater, you family can’t swim when the water is too cold and this limits the time you could have with your friends and kids in the pool.

Which Type of Pool Heating System is Best?

There are three main types of pool heating systems in the market namely solar, gas and electric pool heaters. Each of these pool heaters has its own pros and cons. It’s thus important to evaluate all the options available and pick the one that works best for you.

Gas Pool Heater – These pool heaters are available in both liquid propane and natural gas. With a natural gas heater, you will be required to run a gas line from the house where the meter is to the pool heater. Ensure that the gas line is sized correctly and properly fixed to the meter and to the heater. For the liquid propane heaters, you run the gas line from the propane tank to the heater. The best thing with these types of pool heaters is that they raise the temperature of your pool water the fastest. The downside with gas heaters is that they are expensive to run.

Electric Heat Pumps – Pool heat pumps function by transferring heat from the outside environment and delivering it into the swimming pool. The main advantage with electric heat pumps is that you can maintain a constant temperature in your pool. They are also less costly to operate compared to gas heaters.

Solar Pool Heaters – These are the most cost-effective types of pool heaters you can install in your Miami home. They are environmental friendly since they use clean source of energy; the sun however they can only be used during sunny days. Solar pool heaters are also take long to heat your pool to your desired temperature.

If you’re still not sure which pool heating system is best for your unique needs, give us a call today at 786-522-5500 and our experts will help you choose the heating option that best suits your needs.



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