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Giving Your HVAC System a New Lease of Life through Tune-Up

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HVAC Tune-Ups

HVAC Tune-Ups

Your HVAC system requires regular tune-ups in order to increase its efficiency which will not only save you money in terms of lower energy bills but also increase the lifespan of your unit. Inefficient HVAC systems lead to power bills doubling and also increase the frequency of breakdowns. As a matter of fact, a poorly serviced AC system rarely lives past its 10 year-mark which is very frustrating considering the cost of replacement.

As a homeowner or business owner, the last thing you want is emergency breakdown or a total system collapse of your HVAC system in terribly cold or extremely hot and humid weather. Regular tune-ups on your heating, cooling and air conditioning unit by a professional HVAC company will save you from such occurrences.

Air Conditioner Tune Up

For the AC, there is a series of procedures that can be conducted to ensure it’s running efficiently. This guarantees you comfort while at the same time saving you from incurring unnecessary energy costs.

Thermostat Calibration– A thermostat is one of the most sensitive components of your HVAC system; it can either make or break your entire unit. One of the common problems that make the thermostat insensitive and not to function well is dirt. When the thermostat is dirty, it tends to cause the entire system to overheat. This leads to energy wastage and can also expose some of the air conditioner components to excessive heat. Cleaning and restoring the calibration of your thermostat will solve the problem.

Monitoring Refrigerant Pressure – Whenever your air conditioning system starts to experience changes in temperatures and pressure, there must be a problem somewhere. Using specialized equipment, HVAC experts can check your system for refrigerant leaks and seal them.

Inspection and Cleaning of Condenser Coil– The condenser coil is the center of activity when it comes to cooling and heating operations of your HVAC unit. When dirty, the condenser coil may not work as expected. Professional cleaning of your condenser coils will restore their efficiency.

Inspection and Cleaning of the Blower Motor –A tenth of an inch of dirt in your blower motor can cost you more than 20% in air conditioner inefficiency. Having every part of the blower cleaned by professionals will significantly increase its efficiency.

Heat Pumps Tune-Ups

Heat pumps play such a crucial role in both residential and commercial set ups. They are considered an efficient alternative to AC and furnaces when it comes to energy consumption. There are different types of heat pumps in the market today such as the air-source heat pumps, mini-split heat pumps for homes without ducts, and geothermal or water source heat pumps. Heat pump tune-up services can go a long in enhancing the efficiency of your unit. These tune-ups should include:

  • Detection and sealing of carbon monoxide leaks
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Inspection for refrigerant leaks
  • Checking defrost controls
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Cleaning of condensate drain
  • Inspection filtration system including changing and cleaning of filters
  • Testing of condensate pump
  • Testing of starting capabilities
  • Measuring air temperature differential
  • Measuring amperage and voltage

It is time you stopped suffering in silence due to inefficient AC units and heat pumps that only rob you money through repairs and escalated power bills. Air Conditioning Miami has a solution for you. Do not be left behind, let us handle your HVAC tune ups while you concentrate on other things.

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