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Top 5 Ways to Troubleshooting Your Heat Pump

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HVAC technician charging a heat pump with refrigerant

A heat pump is a crucial system in your home because it not only heats your Miami home during winter, but also keeps it cool during summer to protect you and your family from the sweltering heat of summer. However, when the heat pump system is in need of repairs or servicing, it may take longer than usual to achieve the desired temperature. This will significantly lead to skyrocketing of your monthly utility bills. When you notice that your heat pump is not functioning well, it’s important to troubleshoot before contacting a professional HVAC contractor. Below are some tips you can follow for troubleshooting your heat pump.

Check the Thermostat

When your heat pump is running, but you are not attaining your preferred temperature, you need to check the settings of the thermostat. Your thermostat is an integral component of your heating system and it determines to a greater extent how your heat pump works. As such, when the settings are not appropriate, then your heating system will not work as expected.

Check the Power to the Heat Pump

If you switch your heat pump and it fails to function, there could be an electrical or a mechanical failure. Faulty switches, worn out electrical connections, interruption of power supply, flipped switch or extinguished pilot light, may be the source of the problem. It is important you check on these components first before concluding that your heat pump has failed.

Clean the Fans

Since the heat pump system is installed on the outside of your home, it can become clogged with leaves, dust and other debris. If you notice the efficiency of your heating system has gone down; you may need to check the fans if they are clogged. Cleaning them will help to restore your heating system to proper working condition.

Inspect the Air Filter

Whether you have the replaceable filters or the washable ones, you need to ensure that you inspect them regularly to ascertain that they are working appropriately. Air filters accumulate dirt, dust and other debris over time and if not cleaned or replaced on a regular basis, this affects the functioning of your heat pump.

Inspect the Piping Insulation

To heat and cool your home, the heating system relies on insulated pipes because the insulation prevents heat loss. If the pipe insulation is faulty or broken, you should make the necessary arrangements to have it replaced immediately.

After troubleshooting your heat pump, it is of paramount importance that you contact professional HVAC contractors to come and assess the system in details for any further damage.

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