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Top 5 Benefits of Split Air Conditioning Systems

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If your home in Miami and the surrounding areas is in need of cooling down and you are considering installing an air conditioning system, a split system might just be the ideal system for you. With temperatures in summer going as high as 30°C, it is important that you invest in a quality air conditioning system that will make sure that your family stays cool. Split AC systems also referred to as ductless split system or mini-split air conditioners are a great choice because they come loaded with numerous benefits.

How a Ductless Split System Works

An air conditioner works in a similar manner as a standard refrigerator extracting warm air particles from your indoor space and transferring it back as cool air. The hot air usually passes through several pressurized coils in order to dissipate the heat and condense into a cool liquid. This cool liquid is then transferred to an expansion valve where it evaporates as cold air. When this cold air is released into your indoor space, it absorbs the remaining heat and cools down your entire home.

Ductless split systems operate in the same way, but with 2 distinct parts; an indoor handling unit and an outdoor compressor condenser. The indoor part entails cooling coils and cooling fan where low temperature, low pressure gas is passed and converted into high temperature, high pressure gas. On the other hand, the outdoor compressor holds the condenser fan which expels the heat low temperature, high pressure gas that is transferred back to your indoor environment.

Benefits of Split System ACs

Easy to Install – Because there is no ductwork required, a split system air conditioner system is easy to set up. The indoor handling unit should be placed around 100 feet from the outdoor condenser and you only need a small hole in the wall for control wiring and copper tubing.

Easy To Maintain – Ductless Split systems are easy to maintain compared to conventional air conditioning units. They have washable filters which should be cleaned periodically; at least once per month. The outdoor component is designed in such a way that it allows easy access for maintenance and repair.

Quiet Operation – These air conditioners don’t make noise while running making them ideal even for libraries and hospitals. The outdoor part can be positioned near a patio or under a window without disturbing anyone.

Cost Effectiveness – Split air conditioners allows you to zone your home and as such you can cool different rooms at different times such as bedrooms at night and living rooms during the day. This enables you to cool your home with precision and cost effectively.

Simple to Control – Most ductless split system come with a remote control and a wall mounted thermostat; this makes temperature control easy and convenient.

Split air conditioners come with many benefits making them worth considering when shopping for an AC system. Our Air Conditioning Miami HVAC technicians can give you finer details about which air conditioning system is best for your unique needs.



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